Commercial Film Projects

SNORKYMEDIA is a full-service corporate video marketing strategy and production company. We specialise in creative visual storytelling and are ISEB qualified in Business Analysis.

Wondering what makes us different from other videographers? It’s easy really. We’re not technicians. We’re strategists, consultants, your partner in success. We don’t just show up and make a pretty video — we take the time to understand what your company is struggling with, who your target audience is, what you are trying to achieve. In essence, we speak your language and we actually listen. There are no pre-conceived notions of what will be best for your business. We collaborate with you to discover unique solutions for your unique company.

"We are not experts in your subject matter, but we are experts in making your subject matter!"


Marketing communication through video content is one of the best strategies to improve your content marketing, search engine optimisation (seo), and social media campaigns. We can help you create video marketing films that engage and convert your target audiences. We can manage your YouTube channel to relieve you of the hard work. We can also provide you with training films, event films, explainer films, content for museums, YouTube channels and much more. Using video as content can boost your customer engagement, increase the time spent on a website and help convert sales. Used creatively and with a purpose, video can transform your website into a dynamic interactive site that will attract repeat visits.

we only care about YOUR results

Nowadays "getting a video company in" to make you a video because everyone is telling you you need one on your website isn't cutting it anymore. It's true that a video on your home page will help you rank better with Google and increase your "dwell time". But this will ony produce a bump in interest  -  you need a strategy for your whole trading YEAR. You need engaging content to drive sales to you 24/7 - video can do this even while you sleep.

Companies and organisations hire us to help them dominate their markets. We specialise in delivering brand messages through storytelling, emotion, and cinematic marketing.

You can use it to:-  Show off a product  -  Explain how to do something  -  How to use your product effectively  -  Bring customer testimonials to life

Add a personal touch  -  Share your industry experience  -  Show people your facilities  -  Share your origins story.

Using video in various forms has become a staple in digital marketing tactics. If you aren’t implementing video yet you should consider expanding into video marketing now.

We specialise in combining emotional video production with creative digital marketing strategies to make powerful corporate videos campaigns that work.

Using video on your website helps with Web Traffic - Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  Click-through rate (CTR) - Conversion Rates - Google Rankings -Customer Perceived Value



The Video Business Card

What is a Video Business Card?


While other companies explain their business verbally, you will be able to bring people right into the reality of your services and products. We call that “Show Don’t Tell“


Ready to expand your sales team? A Video Business Card will not only act as a hundred passionate & hungry salesmen 24/7, but it will outsell all of them combined.


From investors and prospects to strangers and staff, your Video Business Card will rapidly educate ANYONE who lays eyes on it, leaving them inspired and leaving you focused on execution.

Recent Film Projects

promo film for

film for Millennium Care UK - a great bunch of people running quality care homes and dementia care units in and around Bury, Ramsbottom and Wigan

The Star Inn at Harome - filmed for "FOOD is GREAT"  for DEFRA in North Yorkshire

Final film for DEFRA promoting food in North Yorks

filmed for "Smith and Walker Optometrists" one of a series of 5 films

"Little Cygnets" Prom

Baysgarth School - last tour before demolition.

"MALTON" - filmed for the "FOOD is GREAT" campaign for North Yorkshire for DEFRA

film for Wilderspin National School Museum

Mr Wilderspin's Infant System 1846 - For Wilderspin National School Museum

After Effects animated teaser advert produced for The Pink Pig Farm's Woodland Adventure

"The O.C.T" for Smith and Walker Optometrists

Contact Lens Insertion and Removal - for Smith and Walkers Optometrists