A lifetime of memories….....

Want to be able to show your grandchildren your Wedding day in HD? Want them to be able to see all that happened - even the things YOU couldnt see happen? It's a big responsibility to film a wedding and we treat it as such. We commit to you our full effort, not just by working hard on your wedding day, but also by developing a friendly relationship with you both right from the planning phase, that allows me (and my team) to capture images that are honest, natural and beautiful. Images that will not just take you back in time but also tell your story with a unique style, full of passion and emotion. The mission is simple: produce fabulous wedding films.

With SNORKYMEDIA you do not pay more for how long we are at your wedding day or how many of us are there filming. We will be there all day.


You can start with a base film package and add extra things to it AT ANY TIME even afterwards. 

Base Package is £1,300 and includes Bride Prep, Groom prep (if practical location-wise) Ceremony, Reception and speeches, cake cut and First Dance.

this will be a "Highlights Film" of all the best bits of the day. (film will be 5-10mins long)

Want to add full-length speeches to your film ? no problem add on £150

Want to add full-length ceremony to your film ? no problem add on £150


Add both full speeches AND full ceremony for an additional on £250 (film will be 30-60mins long depending on how long the speeches are)

You can decide any or all of these add-ons AFTER THE FACT and even WEEKS later if you want.

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Suzie and Anthony

Sophie and Paul

Catherine and Mark - Cleatham Hall.

Emily and Joe - Waltham

Wedding of Stevie-Lyn and Kieran who won the “Win Your Wedding” competition from Cash for Kids

Lottie and Matt  - Bayfield Hall, Norfolk


Sarah and Stephen - North Ferriby


Sophie and Simon - Morland