Frequently Asked questions...


Why should we have a wedding video?

When looking back at your special day, five, ten or fifteen years later, you won’t regret it. Photographs can only do so much, When looking back at that photo of the bride and her father, where the father is tearfully saying something to the bride, his lovely daughter…..what was he saying? what music was playing in the background?  A photo can’t tell you, or remind you of the music playing or the guests laughing…but a film can.

There is no small part to a wedding day – everything is important. You both spend months and years meticulously planning, So if something is there, it’s because you have chosen it to be for a reason. Our coverage means we will capture even the smallest of details to ensure nothing is left out. Remember this isn't 1980 anymore, we don't just throw a big camera in the back of the church and call it a day. Wedding Cinematography has become a very valued art form, just as important and skilled as photography.

We don’t just film the happy couple either! Even though a wedding day is all about the Bride and Groom, they will take comfort in knowing that their guests are having a wonderful time. 

Why is that other company so cheap?

                It can be for many reasons….is their spouse paying the majority of the bills?  Are they not actually sustaining their share of the cost of living?  Are they still living with their parents?  Are they doing everything as cash deals and not paying any taxes?  Are they not investing back into their business at all?  Are they not paying for business insurance?  They will be cutting corners somewhere?

 If your videographer is working for miniscule amounts of money,  you have to understand that there is a certain amount of risk associated with working with someone doing that.  Do they have up-to-date and well maintained gear?  Are they carefully editing your film into a personal story just for you or are they skipping a thorough editing process and just whacking your footage into the same old template as the last 10 weddings in order to save time?  Are they going to work themselves into exhaustion because they’re working 80-100 hours a week just to pay the bills?  Will the quality of their work suffer due to their exhaustion?  Will their turnaround time be immensely long due to their excessive workload?  Are they making enough money that their business will still be operational come your wedding day. Will you risk never getting your film after paying them months before?

Remember it’s your wedding day.  It’s a non-repeatable event.  The film we produce is an investment in your future. We, as experienced business people, know what kind of dangerous corners can get cut in order to accommodate lower budgets. This is not "badmouthing".  It’s not being disrespectful.  It’s speaking truthfully about the risks associated with questionably low budget vendors.

(with credit given to Ten2Ten photography for content)

Why should we have a professional video?

Everyone has THAT friend who says they can film your wedding for you, but we ask you these questions: Would you let them sew your dress? Make your cake? Cook your wedding meal? If they own a needle, a rolling pin or a pot it doesn’t mean they can do any of these things, so just because they own a camera it doesn’t mean they can make a stunning film.

We don’t make shaky camera videos, we make real films! Due to our creative background in narrative film-making, we don’t see a couples’ wedding day as just a video. We see it as a creative film, telling the story of their day and all the emotions that come along with it

Are you insured?

YES! You can never be too safe which is why we are fully insured to cover your wedding.

We have public liability insurance, so you are in safe hands!

What will the sound quality be like?

Audio is almost MORE important than visuals, so is a big deal for us. We always strive to achieve the best possible quality audio through tie-clip (called “lavalier” or lav ) mics and at any one time, have at least 3 or more hidden microphone sources running to ensure that we don’t miss anything and that the ‘I dos’ are as crisp and clean as humanely possible.

How is the film edited?

We are trained cinematographers with an extensive background in making films. We use industry-standard software that the big Hollywood movie makers use. We know it’s not just about what we get on the day, it’s what we do with the footage afterwards. We are professional editors that work tirelessly to ensure that you are happy with your final film.

We create a film, not a video. We don’t just cut and paste footage together from the whole day and create the old school VHS 4 hour video, we create a story of your day.

We give our editors creative freedom and from years of practice they edit the film together into a "Highlights" film (5-10mins) and a 30 -60 minute "Doc edit" film, dependent on the footage and length of the day.

What’s a wedding consultation?

Upon booking we will send you a Wedding Questionnaire for you to fill in as many details as you can. But we also realise that more details may have to come later as things get finalised. We like to meet up with you so you get to know who we are, and we get to know you. Depending on distance, it may not be practical in person so we will use modern tech of Facetime, Skype or the good old phone call. We'll discuss the day, the things that are specific to your wedding and all the little touches that are important to you. These are the things that make your wedding video truly special to you. This helps us to plan our filming better.

Can you do Photography?

We are filmmakers, not photographers; a lot of people see our kit and think we can do both, but we are simply too busy filming to take photos as well.

We can suggest trusted photographers we have worked alongside before.